Cardiovascular Diseases (Dutch Heart Foundation)

Information about the course Cardiovascular Diseases.

PhD training courses at Papendal (Arnhem):

  1. Artherosclerosis & Thrombosis
  2. Cardiac Function & Adaptation
  3. Vascular Biology


The three courses run once a year and are organized under auspices of the Dutch Cardiovascular Research Institutes CARIM, COEUR, CRIA, CVC Groningen, ICaR-­VU, LVM, UMCU, and UMC St. Radboud, under auspices of the Dutch Heart Foundation (DHF).

The three courses are taught simultaneously, meaning that applicants can only participate in one of the courses.

Scheduled dates:

October 11-15, 2021.

    Target audience:

    AMC PhD candidates with required basic knowledge.


      A course fee of 450 euro has to be paid upon registration by AMC PhD candidates, but will be reimbursed by your AMC department. AMC PhD candidates qualify for the DHF grant.

      More Information:

      Information about the courses, the test, and registration can be found in the leaflet issued by the Netherlands Heart Foundation, or online at

      Details of courses to bring you up to the entry level, and information about the Papendal Training Center can also be found at the site.

      AMC Contactperson:

      Prof. Dr. J.H. Ravesloot / Department of Medical Biology / / tel. +31 (0)20 - 566 4829.


      AMC Graduate School
      Tel: +31 (0)20 - 566 3108