Research (LGMD)

Research at Lab GMD is focused on genetic metabolic diseases in a broad context, ranging from rare inherited metabolic diseases to pediatric cancer and age-related metabolic disease. Research is led by six group leaders/PIs, whose research focus is on different metabolic themes.

  • Neurometabolism (PI Prof.dr. Salomons)
  • Functional Genetics (PI Prof.dr. Waterham)
  • Translational Metabolism (PI Prof.dr. Houtkooper)
  • Lipid Metabolism/Toxicity (PI Dr. Kemp)
  • (Onco)Metabolomic Diseases (PI Dr. van Kuilenburg)
  • Lipidomics (PI Dr. Vaz)

In addition to basic research on metabolism, lab GMD has strong ties with clinicians at the departments of:

  • Pediatric Metabolic Diseases (headed by prof. dr. Annet Bosch)
  • Pediatric Neurology (headed by prof. dr. Marjo van der Knaap)
  • Internal Medicine - Adult Metabolic Diseases (prof. dr. Carla Hollak)

hereby stimulating translational research that benefits the patients suffering from these devastating metabolic disorders.