Shipment & Contact

Sample shipment

For shipment of samples please use the following address label:

We advise not to use FEDEX / TNT for shipment. We experience a lot of delays with deliveries, because parcels are not cleared through customs in time leading to loss of samples.


  • A completed test request form is included with the sample(s)
  • The name of the requesting physician/department is provided
  • The following patient information is provided: first and last name, date of birth and sex
  • Specific information is provided to conclude which tests are to b run (test specification and/or relevant clinical and laboratory findings)
  • Samples are labeled unambiguously (name, date of birth, sample type and sample date)
  • The information provided on the request form and sample information matches. Sample type should coorespond to the requested analysis (e.g. not urine for a plasma analysis)

Opening hours

Samples should arrive Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday or the day prior to a national holiday before 12:00 AM (GMT+1.00).

Our laboratory is closed on the following holidays:


    • New year's day - January 1
    • Easter - March 31 and April 1
    • Kings day - April 27
    • Ascension day - May 9
    • Pentecost - May 19 and 20
    • Christmas - December 25 and 26

    Shipping costs are the responsibility of the referring clinician and/or medical center. Our laboratory does not accept responsibility for shipping costs associated with samples sent to us. Note that this may include additional charges for custom clearings.
    For prenatal testing please contact the laboratory before sending samples.

    The prices listed are for non-profit organizations only. In case of requests made by other types of organizations, please contact us.

    Request forms

    For regular mail only (NOT for sample shipment)

    Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases (F0-132)
    Amsterdam UMC, location AMC
    P.O. Box 22700
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 20 5665393

    Metabolite diagnostics
    Enzyme diagnostics
    DNA diagnostics

    Suggestions & Inquiries

    We are committed to provide high-quality service to all our customers. However, when your request is not properly dealt with or you believe we can improve our service, we invite you to contact us with the details using the following e-mail address:

    We will acknowledge receipt of your inquiry within three days and a staff member will respond within 2 weeks.