Admission requirements

Can I apply?

You are eligible to apply for an elective at the AMC-UvA if:  

  • You completed at least two years of medical education at your own university
  • Your faculty is a partner of the AMC-UvA (see Global Exchange or Erasmus Exchange).

Grade point average

Please note that if we receive a lot of good applications, we will only select candidates with a higher grade point average. This entails that the current minimum GPAs may be raised if we receive a large quantity of outstanding applications. For now, we accept students with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Language proficiency

International students are required to take a language proficiency examination in Dutch before they will be accepted to a degree programme taught in Dutch. For clinical electives and courses of bachelors curriculum this is applicable. If you are conducting a research elective, you have to be fluent in English. All requirements are listed below.

Proof of Dutch language proficiency (elective courses and clinical electives)

The following documents are accepted as proof of sufficient command of the Dutch language, and therefore exempt you from taking the language proficiency examination:

  • Belgium: Flemish Community:  Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs
  • Germany:  Abitur with  Niederländisch as  Prüfungsfach orLeistungsfach, University  Zwischenprüfung Niederländisch
  • Suriname: VWO diploma from Suriname,  Propedeuse diploma (Anton de Kom Universiteit)
  • Dutch professional education: MBO or HBO diploma
  • Dutch primary and secondary education: primary school and three years in secondary school in the Netherlands with at least a grade of 6 on the final transcript
  • Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language (CNaVT):  Profiel Academische Taalvaardigheid (PAT) and  Profiel Taalvaardigheid Hoger Onderwijs (PTHO)
  • The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba: VWO diploma or any diploma from a Dutch institute of higher education
  • United Kingdom: British General Certificate of Education (GCE) with an advanced level (A-level) in Dutch, International GCE with First Language Dutch
  • Other diplomas: European Baccalaureate with Dutch as first or second language, International Baccalaureate with Dutch A at Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL), International Baccalaureate with Dutch B at Higher Level (HL), Certificate of exemption given by the director of the Institute for Dutch Language Education (INTT) of the University of Amsterdam

If you do not possess any of the documents above, then you must take the Dutch as Second Language (NT2-II) state examination.

To find information about preparing for the NT2-II Dutch language proficiency exam in your own country, please visit the Study in Holland website.

Proof of English language proficiency (research electives)

Pursuing a research elective requires academic English . That is why we require evidence of English language proficiency from non-native speakers of English.


  • Those who have completed their prior education in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America.
  • You may also receive an exemption from the English language proficiency test with a diploma from a country where English is the official language of instruction, or with one of the following diplomas:

International Baccalaureate: English A (SL/HL), or at least English B (SL/HL), provided that English was the language of instruction

  • Aruba: VWO diploma
  • Israel: Te’údat Bagrut with at least four study units for English;
  • Morroco: Licence diploma in English;
  • Netherlands Antilles: VWO diploma;
  • Suriname: VWO diploma. 

Accepted tests and test scores

The following three tests are accepted as proof of proficiency in English:

Students must have a minimum score of:

  • 570 for the paper test,
  • 230 for the computer test,
  • 90 for the internet test.

Cambridge International Examinations
Students must achieve the following results:

  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): scores A and B+
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): scores A, B and C

IELTS (academic module)

  • Students taking the IELTS test should have a minimum score of 6.5.
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