English information phase 6

Phase 6 started in June 2021: questionnaire research

Parents, the ABCD-study starts a new research phase, will you join us again? This time via the ABCD-app! We would like to ask the ABCD-youth and parents/guardians more often how they are doing. This study provides an important contribution to research about the health and development of children. You can do something too!

Download here the folder for more information about the ABCD-study and the new questionnaires :

What do we ask of you? We would like to ask you to fill in a questionnaire several times during a one-year period. You will begin with the base-questionnaire which will take about 50 minutes. After 3 months you will receive the first follow-up-questionnaire which takes about 15 minutes, then you will receive it again after 6, 9 and 12 months.

Questionnaires in English
The English version of the questionnaire is only available on paper. If you prefer filling out the questionnaire in English, you can request a paper version by phone at 020-5661252, via WhatsApp at 06-83 56 98 50 or by email at abcd-fase6@amsterdamumc.nl.

For questions or remarks about the questionnaire contact Hanan Bozhar using the same contact details.

The information you provide will be treated with strict confidence.

 We hope you will participate again this year! Thank you very much in advance!

If you have not received any information about phase 6 from us before the beginning of July 2021, we do not have the correct contact information from you. Have you moved or were there any changes in your contact information? Please let us know using the following form:


The previous measurement round took place in 2019-2020, at the age of 15-16 years. This is the 5th study phase of the ABCD-study. Did you not complete these questionnaires? No problem! You can participate in the 6th study phase of the ABCD-study. All information we receive from you is valuable and useful for our research.   


Physical measurements

During the 6th study phase, no physical measurements will be carried out. We have plans do this in future phases of the ABCD-study.


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