Epidemiology of kidney disease

Epidemiological research conducted in the field of kidney disease is divided into two research lines: one on “the evaluation of care and kidney epidemiology” and the other one with a focus on “kidney transplantation”. Within these research lines, we perform epidemiological studies in various stages of chronic kidney disease including patients on dialysis and kidney transplantation. Specific attention is paid to international differences in the number of patients and outcomes, and also to prevention, rare diseases and other specific patient subgroups. The research projects are applied in the medical domains of adult and paediatric nephrology. In addition, we contribute to the international standardization of coding systems used in the field of nephrology.

Scientific projects


The EQUAL study, part of the ERA-EDTA registry, is an European prospective cohort study in elderly patients in chronic kidney disease stage 4. EQUAL aims to study how the level of renal function, and uraemic signs and symptoms can be used to determine when dialysis should be initiated in elderly patients.

Research line: Epidemiology of kidney disease

Staff: Nick Chesnaye, Megan Astley, Kitty Jager

Website: EQUAL study website.

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