The Medical Informatics department (in Dutch: Klinische InformatieKunde, KIK) was established in 1994 as an independent scientific department of the Academic Medical Center (AMC). It is intensively involved in research (read about research on these pages) and in education especially in the Medical Informatics Bachelor and Master programs and the postgraduate program Health Informatics at the AMC.

Medical Informatics
Location J1b-Zuid

+31(0)20 56 65 269

Medical informatics is an interdisciplinary and scientific field that studies the effective uses of biomedical data, information, and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving, and decision making motivated by efforts to improve human health.

The department’s mission is to study, develop and apply methods native to informatics and information sciences in order to better understand and to improve health care. We focus on the following themes: Decision support (especially how to facilitate physicians to do the “right thing”), Modelling (mainly prognostic and etiological), Terminology systems, and Evaluation (of IT systems and of health care). The research contributes to Methodological knowledge; to the management of health information; and to the generation of Medical knowledge.

  1. Methods in Medical Informatics;
  2. Knowledge-based Systems for Prevention and Self-Management;
  3. Evaluation of care and Kidney epidemiology;
  4. Evaluation of care and information systems;
  5. Human Factors Engineering and Evaluation of interactive Health Technology.