Announcing the project 'Patient Lifestyle and Disease Data Interactium (PaLaDIn)'

Announcing PaLaDIn, an ambitious Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) funded project (with contribution from The FSHD Society, TREAT-NMD and UK Research and Innovation; totalling 21 million Euros), has been launched this month to drive innovative real world data collection from patients with rare neuromuscular diseases. Together with 9 partners, we will develop a platform (known as The Interactium) that provides insights to accelerate novel drug development, improve patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), and inform health care decision-making. The learnings from the project will be shared with those working in other rare disease areas via a series of tools and training materials.

Reusable health data researchers Ronald Cornet, Nirupama Benisand Martijn Kersloot will work on the PaLaDIn project!