Evaluation of care and Kidney epidemiology

The research line “Evaluation of Care and Kidney Epidemiology” focuses on the following themes:

1) Studying the relationship between nephrology practice patterns and patient outcomes in various stages of kidney disease and across European countries, using both standard and innovative research methods. Specific attention is paid to the prevention of end-stage kidney disease, improvement of kidney replacement therapies, treatment of elderly patients, the epidemiology and outcomes of rare kidney diseases, and the development and use of clinical performance indicators in nephrology.

2) Evaluating health inequalities for children with end-stage kidney disease between continents and between European countries.

3) The international standardization of coding systems used in the field of nephrology.


The research projects performed within this research line are applied in the medical domains of adult and paediatric nephrology.

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr. Kitty Jager.