Improving quality of intensive care

On 22th Nov 2019, Marie-José Roos-Blom successfully defended her PhD thesis " Improving quality of intensive care: optimizing audit & feedback with actionable indicators and an action implementation toolbox" at Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam.

This thesis shows how to assist intensive care (ICU) professionals in continuously improving quality of care for critically ill patients and gains knowledge on how the effectiveness of audit and feedback (A&F) could be increased. An electronic A&F intervention based on actionable indicators and extended with an action implementation toolbox showed an improved effectiveness and supports ICU professionals in continuously improving quality of care. The suggested actions from the toolbox led to the development of more improvement intentions across a wider range of practice determinants compared to ICUs that did not receive the toolbox.


Supervisors: prof. dr. N.F. de Keizer & prof. dr. E. de Jonge

Co-supervisor: dr. D.A. Dongelmans

The thesis is available for download.