Determinants and outcomes of patient access to medical records

Patient access to electronic health records (EHRs) through patient portals and personal health records is associated with several interrelated determinants and outcomes. We provided an overview of determinants and outcomes of patient access to EHRs, extracted from systematic reviews, by using the Clinical Adoption Framework. Systematic reviews on patient access to EHRs have several critical flaws, however, which may negatively impact their quality. Furthermore, literature reviews indicate a gap in knowledge, as they cover few high-level aspects regarding healthcare standards, legislation, policy, governance, funding, incentives and social, political and economic trends.

van Mens HJT, Duijm RD, Nienhuis R, de Keizer NF, Cornet R. Determinants and outcomes of patient access to medical records: Systematic review of systematic reviews. International journal of medical informatics. 2019;129:226-33. doi: Free access to paper until August 14th:


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