ERA Registry

Kidney disease is a global public health problem that affects over 750 million persons worldwide. When chronic kidney disease develops into end-stage kidney disease, renal replacement therapy (RRT) is necessary to keep the patient alive. RRT includes treatment with dialysis and kidney transplantation. However, the availability of these treatments differs between countries and even within Europe there is substantial variation in the use and outcomes of RRT.

The registry of the European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) collects demographic and clinical data on patients treated with RRT for end-stage kidney disease via national and regional renal registries in European countries, with the aim to compare disease patterns and treatment outcomes in the different member countries. The ERA-EDTA Registry analyses and reports on these data in its Annual Report, articles published in scientific nephrology journals, at (inter)national nephrology congresses and through its website.

 More information on the ERA-EDTA Registry can be found here.