"Implementing structured data in Electronic Health Records"

On 27 June 2019, Erik Joukes successfully defended his PhD thesis "Implementing structured data in Electronic Health Records" at Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam.

In his thesis three studies describe the effects of implementing a structured and standardised Electronic Health Record (EHR) on healthcare providers’ perceptions of EHR use and performance. These studies additionally assess whether these effects differ for centres starting with a paper-based or legacy EHR at baseline. Two further studies determine factors that influence healthcare professionals’ intention to record structured data.

Supervisors:       prof. dr. N.F. de Keizer & prof. dr. A. Abu-Hanna
Co-supervisors: dr. ir. R. Cornet & prof. dr. M.C. de Bruijne

The thesis is available for download from:  https://hdl.handle.net/11245.1/362fa368-327b-4d61-80eb-d06647289786