The Dutch Kidney Atlas

The Dutch Kidney Atlas ( is a website that has been online since 12 December 2019. The website provides information about the number of patients with chronic kidney disease as well as their treatments, medication use, outcomes and heath care costs. The website is based on health claims data (from Vektis). The atlas is primarily intended for researchers and policy makers and provides insight into possible remarkable regional differences. These differences can be further investigated with the ultimate goal of improving care for patients with chronic kidney disease.

The project is a collaboration between researchers from the Amsterdam UMC, department of medical informatics (Dr. Vianda Stel – projectleader of the Dutch Kidney Atlas project and epidemiologist, Manon van Oosten, PhD student and Prof. Dr. Kitty Jager, principal investigator, director ERA-EDTA Registry), the onderzoekscentrum ketenzorg chronische ziekten, Isala, the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht and Nefrovisie. The Dutch Kidney Atlas will be annually updated by Nefrovisie. The project was funded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation.


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